Ctrack Solutions

Fleet Management

WHO IS IT SUITABLE FOR: Small, Medium to Large Fleet Owners Catering to a Variety of Vehicle Types from Varies Industries.

HOW DOES IT WORK: Ctrack’s Fleet Management and Tracking packages have been designed for a variety of fleet sizes offering different levels of functionality and protection.

Utilizing GPS satellite positioning and GSM cellular communication, MF Telematics offers advanced telematic information and fleet management services.

MF Telematics products address the challenges associated with optimising the reliability and efficiency of the modern fleet, and are based on more than 25 years of global fleet management expertise.

MF Telematics’ Fleet Management systems provide real-time information – easily accessible through mobile, tablet and desktop devices to measure and realise a multitude of business benefits that regularly include:

  • Operational control and management features that deliver cost savings, create efficiencies and contribute to increase in customer service.
  • Safety and security devices for legislative compliance and the protection of employees and assets.
  • Productivity measures that will contribute towards profitability.
  • Driver behavior monitoring that promotes effective driving styles to reduce fuel consumption and overall vehicle maintenance and service costs.
  • Green reporting on environmental factors such as carbon emissions and fuel reduction.

Private Vehicle Tracking

WHO IS IT SUITABLE FOR: Private Owned Vehicle/s

HOW DOES IT WORK: MF Telematics’ private owned vehicle solution is designed to give vehicle owners a peace of mind while being away from the vehicle and at the same tim having full viability of the vehicle.

Owners can monitor their vehicle through a smart device with benefits:

  • Ensure the Safety and security of their loved ones by ensuring that their whereabouts are just a few clicks away with the ability to have a distress call with just a click of a button,
  • Full visibility of vehicle for vehicle owners even though they are away from their vehicles,
  • Helps to ease vehicle recovery by pointing the respective authorities to the location of the vehicle.


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